Lake Pillsbury Resort – Summer 2015 – Made Great Lemonade!

September 29, 2015 by LPR 1 Comment

As we move into fall at Lake Pillsbury, we begin to enjoy the changing of the leaves and cooler evening temperatures.  We reflect on our summer fun and all of our wonderful guests we shared lemonade with this summer.  Lemonade, what?  Yes, when life hands you lemons, well, you know what you have to do.  With the lowest water level starting our summer off in recent history, we all had to be open minded and creative.  Moving the guest docks out of the cove early in the summer was a must, but our guests were prepared with their own buoys to set up in “their private cove”.  Others took a slip in the new location out in front of the Resort with a great open view of the lake.  With more open beach area south of the existing launch ramp and a gentle gradual slope at the water’s edge, it actually made pulling boats easier all the way to Labor Day.  We also made lots of new Pillsbury friends this summer, many with water toys, who found refuge at our little digs as water access was nonexistent at the north end launch areas.  Lower water levels made for a bit of a hike to get to the water though, but think of those butt muscles you developed. Less access to the lake made for fewer boats, especially during the week, and many had the best water conditions they have ever experienced here. Everyone came in to report after a few days on the lake “Wow, we had perfect water and the lake almost all to ourselves; it was great!”

Weather was another unique experience this summer starting off with a very warm June with many days over 100, then a few summer storms that brought rain, thunder and lightning in July. Can you believe we were in the 60’s for a short period in July!  Those lightning strikes started a few fires in the area, but the rain that followed and our fire crews with air support saved the day here at Lake Pillsbury.

We were all saddened this summer by the destructive fires to the south in our neighboring communities in Lake County, and some families came to escape the intense smoke and hang with us during season.  We are all so looking forward to that much needed rain predicted for this upcoming winter.

Lake Pillsbury Resort is now in “retreat” mode; very quiet, limited services, but a great place to escape and enjoy nature.  When our busy summer ends we all step back, take a breath and feel a little sad. But shortly after the focus is on projects in preparation for our next summer season, which we expect to be hopping and with a full lake (ok, we can’t promise, but volume and timing of rain and closing of the gates of Scott Dam early enough to fill’er up in the spring will tell the story).  We will keep everyone posted as we go through the seasons in anticipation of a great summer 2016 at Lake Pillsbury Resort.

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Sue Tucker September 29, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Where my family comes to “breathe” Thanks LPR!!

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