Campsites 1-4 – Marina Area

Camps 1-4 are located closest to the water by the Marina. Each site is level, but terraced and access is by way of a sloped road. These camps are best for tent camping or skilled RVers. This area makes for a great group area, but with some separation between camps. These sites are the closest to the swimming area and guest docks.

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Campsites 5-15 Country Store

Camps 5-15 are all in the main area of the Resort. They circle around with 5-11 on the north side, and 12-15 on the south side and have quick easy access to the Country Store, main bathhouse and coin-op showers. All camps are flat and most have pretty good shade. The playground is located in the center of the area and great for moms keeping an eye on the little ones.

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Campsite 20 – The Penthouse

A very private camp that sits back and up from the main area. It can accommodate a larger group with different areas to spread out. The camp has a bit of a lake view and is very flat, but bring your shade pop-ups as there are no shade trees until very late in the afternoon.

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Campsites 21-27 – Loafer’s Point

Camps 21-27 are on a secluded ridge close to the lake with lots of trees and great shade in most of the camps. A narrow road with limited turn-around takes you to your camp. Most are smaller camps, some flat and some more sloped. A single flushing toilet and sink in a private bathhouse provides for this area. Camp 27 is the "Family" camp and is very big and allows for a larger group at the end of the point overlooking the Lake. A good lake view from camps 25 & 26 and trails down to the lake.

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Campsites 31-39 – Lazy Acres

Lazy Acres is our most popular lakefront campsite area with 9 sites, lots of parking and flush toilets. This area has the most open, unobstructed view of Lake Pillsbury. You will enjoy the forest feel as you look around at the surrounding pine covered mountains. With majestic oaks weaved all around the campsites providing medium shade, you get all this just steps from the lake. Some camps are close together for that family gathering, and some sit separate with more elbow room or privacy. A few of the camps have less shade so it is best to bring a pop-up in the warm summer season.

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