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From the Bay Area:
Take Hwy. 101 North through Santa Rosa to Ukiah.
5 miles past Ukiah, take Hwy. 20 east to Upper Lake. Shortly after you pass Lake Mendocino, you will see a sign that reads Potter Valley 1/2 Mile; be in the middle lane and turn left at the turnoff.

Now please follow Directions Continued below.

From Sacramento:
Take Interstate 5 north to the Hwy. 20/Williams exit.
Head west on Hwy. 20, passing Clear Lake. Once passed the town of Upper Lake, and the Blue Lakes area, you will see a sign that reads Potter Valley 1/2 Mile; turn right after the sign.

Now please follow Directions Continued below.

Directions Continued from turning off from Hwy 20 to Potter Valley:

Follow East Rd/Potter Valley Rd to the center of the small town of Potter Valley.
Turn right on Eel River Rd at the business called “Hoppers Corner”. Follow the road which will wind its way up the hill; bear right at the top on Cutoff Rd.  (Note: If you have a heavy load, once at the peak of the hill go to the left and it will loop you back down onto the main road.  Go right, then veer left to the bridge.)
Continue on and cross OVER the bridge at the Eel River, THEN turn right.
Follow the dirt road, County Rd/Elk Mountain Rd for 10.5 miles.
At the end of the dirt road will be an intersection and the Soda Creek Store. Turn right on Elk Mountain Rd and continue about 1/2 mile to Scott Dam Rd.
Bear left on Kapranos Rd at the Lake Pillsbury Resort sign. Follow it just over 1 mile to the Resort.
YOU ARE HERE! Please register at the country store, and have a great time!